Mens Black Jacket For Your Best Appearance

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Losing Karey Wong Vancouver BC

It was a tragic or unbelievable story of Karey Wong, a young woman from Vancouver BC. She is an oriental looked woman with enough pretty appearance. She is beautiful enough, but her only weakness is, she has a kind of mental disorder. She even has more than one mental disorder. To mention briefly, Karey has abandonment anxiety and a sleep disorder. The later makes her cannot make a good judgment. The other unlucky condition she has is that she has little or no funds or support from her immediate family members.

In fact, Karey still had a boyfriend,  Bobby the Magician, but because of the disruption from her mother and grandmother who disagreed with their relationship, they had to split up.

Before Karey and Bobby broke up for the 13th time, on 13 June 2017, they had already planned to permanently unite their relationship into a marriage. Their beautiful dream was suddenly ruined into a sad reality. Then, this poor young woman fell into the hands of criminals.  She did not want to go to her family residence but instead, she was tricked by the criminal, and directed to the lion’s cage.

Karey disappeared and is presumed to be under the mind-control of Islamic criminals, based on Karey’s own texts, emails, and phone call recordings. She left her ex-boyfriend house in “skanky” clothes, to some bad guys who brought her to the darkness and scary experience in her life, at a 24-hour venue in downtown Vancouver.

From the recording conversation (phone call), Miss Karey Wong said that she has made a secret contract to marry one of the men who kidnapped her. The bad guy devised this wicked plan to avoid the death punishment in his home country, by marrying Karey, the young woman with the mental disorder. In order not to be deported from Canada, the man has brainwashed the young woman with the use of hypnotic or date rape drugs. Everybody needs to know that only 2 out of 150 addicted women can be saved from the death, this according to a drug rehab counselor.

For common people, it is strange that someone can make the decision to help, or even to marry someone she has just known. What Karey did is absolutely unbelievable, but if we make a further observation, then we can understand the reason why she behaved like that. Karey Wong suffers from one or more mental disorders and is not taking the medication. She actually suffers from abandonment anxiety.

Karey said that she has already joined the bad man’s family, and now is espousing the phrases belong to the family in her text messages. What could bring fear to everyone is, she may turn into a robotic terrorist or a Human Weapon.

Had been given a sum of money by the man, it also made Karey agreed to marry the foreign male in order to free the man from his death punishment. Her friends could only feel worried that Karey is not in the proper State of Mind, and they (the friends of the poor young woman) can only guess that on the top of her lack of sleep, she could be used by some foreign terrorists.

She looks to have been given the drug around June 13 onwards, it can be predicted in her text messages emails and a more than 13 minutes phone conversation. According to the boyfriend, Karey was honest to him during their time together, but since June 13th, she started being dishonest to the man.

According to the ex-boyfriend, Karey ever contacted him attempting to have recordings deleted from the internet using a threat with the view seems to be contrary to the criminal code of Canada. The man also said that what Karey did, looked to have been forced on her by the foreign male or his Immigrant gang that the young woman calls the family, that believed by the ex-boyfriend had provided housing, based on Karey’s phone calls.

It is pity Karey, in her unfavorable living, her family pays less attention and seems to disregard her presence. We cannot deny the fact that in modern human living, particularly in the western countries, Man turn to give less attention and care among others. Even Karey who has mental disorder has been disregarded by her own family. How can a woman like that stand for the hard side of human living? Actually, she needs to be given more attention, care, and love from her family. Why we need to do that? As the religious creature, everyone has a feeling of love given by God. Karey not only needs the love of her ex-boyfriend, but also the love from her big family. As a woman with the mental disorder, Karen even needs more attention and love, not to be forgotten and assumed as a family burden. Every one of us needs to realize that the man or woman like Karey is not only the family burden but actually a person that needs the love of other people. The poor people like Karey are not only the responsibility of the government. Every family, especially the parents, needs to pay more attention to the matter like this because everybody cannot choose what kind of family or what kind of the ethnic, or even what kind of nation or religion when they need to be born in this world.

It is poor Karey to experience the bad dream like that, she is vulnerable to the death by the people she doesn’t know well. The parents have to give more attention to love, to care, and to protect their children like her. The government also needs to pay more attention, because without the hands of the government, what can the people like Karey do? The government needs to provide more facilities, especially the medical facility for healing the poor people with the mental disorder. Never assumed that the people like them only can bring burden, because every human creature is unique, every human has his or her own special value.


Universitas Terbuka helps me solve my career problem

I am a school English teacher with the teaching experience of eight years. Before I become the teacher, I was the Marketing Assistant of PT. Barito Pacific Timber, Banjarmasin Area. When I worked for the Company, my job was including an English translator and interpreter. When the Company was collapsed in 2006, I changed my career to be the English teacher in a junior high school in Banjarmasin. My headmaster often underestimates me as the English teacher because my background is actually a bachelor degree in Economics.

Years passing by and I have been teaching for the school in eight years and I am near to my retirement day now. I have prepared my future career as a translator since around two years ago by going back to study again at Indonesia Open University (UT), majoring English Literature. With the GPA of 3.43, I feel that I am becoming more confident now. I also feel sure that Universitas Terbuka helps me solve my career problem with the following reasons:

  1. The time for study at the University is very flexible, It is no need to come to my Campus regularly.
  2. My headmaster pays more respect to me now as he knows that I am studying at the University.

Chinese Table Manners

Aturan tata cara di meja makan berasal dari istilah dalam Inggris yaitu table manner yang merupakan bagian dari pengetahuan standar yang perlu diketahui setiap orang. Singkatnya, aturan tata cara di meja makan adalah suatu tata cara makan dengan baik dan benar, sesuai dengan ketentuan yang berlaku secara international.

Aturan tata cara di meja makan diperkenalkan oleh bangsa Eropa. Sebenarnya tata cara tersebut telah ada sebelum peradaban Eropa menyebar ke seluruh dunia. Aturan tersebut merupakan aturan standar terutama saat bersantap bersama-sama di sebuah acara resmi atau acara makan bersama dalam sebuah keluarga besar.

Dalam pergaulan antarbangsa, tatacara mengenai makan dan minum sangat penting dipelajari dan diketahui. Ketentuan mengenai makan dan minum seperti yang biasa berlaku di Indonesia tentu tidak sama dengan yang berlaku di negara lain. Banyak perbedaan mengenai tata cara di meja makan dan aturan makan di Indonesia dengan di negara lain.

Perbedaan itu bukan hanya meliputi jenis makanan dan minuman yang disajikan, melainkan juga perbedaan dalam alat makan yang digunakan serta tahap penyajiannya.

Setiap negara dan budaya tentu berbeda table manner dengan negara atau budaya lainnya. Setiap negara memiliki aturan meja makan yang berbeda-beda. Meski demikian, banyak hal yang membedakan sistem table manner di setiap negara. Hal itu disesuaikan dengan budaya masing-masing negara. Contohnya saja, budaya Jepang, Amerika, Asia, dan Eropa memiliki perbedaan yang sangat menonjol dalam table manner-nya.

Sumber grafik dan data:


Chinese Table Manners

         Dining in a Chinese restaurant

A multitude of etiquette considerations occur also when dining in China. There are some special differences in table manners from western countries.

a. A round dining table is more popular than a rectangular or square one. As many people who can be seated comfortably around it conveniently face one another. The guest of honor is always seated to the right of the host; the next in line will sit on his left. Guests should be seated after the host’s invitation, and it is discourteous to seat guests at the place where the dishes are served.

b. Dining may only begin once the host and all his guests are seated. The host should actively take care of all his guests, inviting them to enjoy their meal.

c. On a typical Chinese dining table there are always a cup, a bowl on a small dish, together with the chopsticks and spoons. Dishes are always presented in the center of the table.

Our guests enjoy delicious Chinese food
  1. Apart from soup, all dishes should be eaten with chopsticks. The Chinese are particular about the use of chopsticks. There are many no-no’s such as twiddling with chopsticks, licking chopsticks, or using them to stir up the food, gesture with them or point them at others. Never stick chopsticks in the center of rice, as this is the way to sacrifice and is therefore considered to be inauspicious.

    e. Keep your dining pace accorded with other people. Never smoke when dining.

    f. A formal dining is always accompanied by tea, beer or distilled spirit. The one who sit closest to the teapot or wine bottle should pour them for others from the senior and superior to the junior and inferior. And when other people fill your cup or glass, you should express your thanks. Guests can not pour tea or wine themselves.

Cheers when dining together in China
  1. A toast to others is a characteristic Chinese dining. When all people are seated and all cups are filled, the host should toast others first, together with some simple prologue to let the dining start. During the dining after the senior’s toast, you can toast anyone from superior to inferior at their convenience. When someone toasts you, you should immediately stop eating and drinking to accept and toast in response. If you are far from someone you want to toast, then you can use your cup or glass to rap on the table to attract attention rather than raise your voice. However, it is impolite to urge others to drink.

    h. Conventionally, if you are invited to a formal banquet, all the dishes should not be eaten up completely, or you will give the host the impression that he has not provided a good banquets and the food was insufficient. After dining, guests should leave once the host has left the table.


Nobody’s Perfect

I am Max Mario, a father of one son. I am an  English teacher of a junior high school in the city where I live, Banjarmasin. Some of my hobbies are reading, traveling, and learning everything I like to learn, including learning English. Having the hobbies like that is good for me as they can make me one step ahead of the other friends of mine in developing our working capability.

To live in this modern era is not easy, day by day the competition for life is getting harder. For instance, in my homeland, Indonesia, to become an elementary school teacher in my parents’ time was much easier. People only needed to study at a senior high vocational school of education, but now, only to become a kindergarten teacher, someone needs to pass a degree in education from a university. In my opinion, some of my hobbies are my strength as well. They make me stand out to win this life competition.

I think besides someone’s strength, there is also some weakness.I myself have some weakness, one as the example is too perfectionist makes me difficult to make a quick and precise decision.


Be Careful With Our Words

I live in Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan Province in Indonesia. I was born and grown up in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. People living in Banjarmasin believe that the words are spoken out by someone especially from the older generation like parents or teachers are the same with prayers. It can happen in the future. When I was a boy, I have a mole below the sole of my right leg. When I tried to find out about the meaning of the thing from my mother, she simply said that it means I will live in a place far away from her someday. That time, I was sad to hear what my mother said about my future life. Year by year passed by and when I grew up to be a young man, I decided to move to Jakarta for working. Finally, I moved to Banjarmasin by the end of 1993. I married my wife, a Banjarmasin born woman, in 1999. Now my mother is an eighty-year-old woman. She often misses me and my family, but I am used to living in Banjarmasin now. Sometimes, I feel pity for my mother. If my mother had never said the words like that to me, I would have lived near her.

Translation from Indonesian to English

Translated Abstracts from Indonesian to English

Berdasarkan data dari WCS, nilai perdagangan satwa liar ilegal di seluruh dunia jauh lebih mencengangkan, yaitu berkisar US$ 10-20 miliar per tahun. Nilai ini merupakan nilai transaksi terbesar kedua setelah bisnis narkoba. Faktor kemajuan teknologi informasi juga memberi dampak bagi perdagangan satwa liar saat ini. Internet menjadi modus baru perdagangan satwa liar, sehingga transaksi antara pemburu dan pedagang serta konsumen dapat menjadi semakin mudah. Pergeseran aktivitas transaksi yang biasanya terjadi secara langsung, saat ini dapat dilakukan secara online. Hal tersebut membuat perdagangan satwa liar menjadi lebih terbuka dan mampu diakses bagi siapa saja, kapan saja, dan di mana saja, sekaligus juga menjadikan lingkup perdagangan satwa liar menjadi lebih global.

Di sisi lain, perkembangan teknologi informasi tersebut juga dapat menjadi salah satu solusi dalam pencegahan dan penanganan perdagangan satwa liar ilegal. Hal tersebut dapat dilakukan dengan membuat sistem informasi terintegrasi terkait perlindungan satwa liar dan penanganan kasus perdagangan satwa liar secara ilegal. Sistem informasi terintegrasi tersebut terdiri dari database yang berisi informasi tentang satwa-satwa terancam punah yang dilindungi oleh negara, landasan hukum dan peraturan-peraturan yang mengatur perlindungan satwa, maupun sistem pelaporan secara online terhadap tindakan perburuan maupun perdagangan satwa liar.

Database yang ada pada sistem informasi terintegrasi tersebut dapat diakses oleh masyarakat umum sehingga dapat digunakan sebagai pusat pelayanan informasi publik. Dengan membuat sistem informasi yang informatif dan atraktif, hal ini dapat menjadi sarana untuk kampanye penyelamatan satwa liar, meningkatkan kepedulian seluruh elemen masyarakat terkait kelestarian satwa liar, sekaligus juga mampu meningkatkan kapasitas pihak berwenang. Dengan adanya sistem pelaporan secara online pada sistem informasi terintegrasi, maka akan memudahkan keterlibatan masyarakat dalam mengawasi tindakan-tindakan terkait kejahatan perdagangan satwa liar tersebut. Berdasarkan sistem pelaporan ini, selanjutnya pihak yang berwenang dapat melaksanakan tugasnya untuk melakukan verifikasi terhadap laporan dari masyarakat tersebut dan mengambil tindakan yang tepat secara cepat. Dengan adanya sistem tersebut, penanganan kasus perdagangan satwa liar ilegal dapat dilakukan secara lebih efisien.

Sistem informasi terintegrasi ini dapat sangat bermanfaat dalam mencegah dan menangani perdagangan satwa liar secara ilegal. Bagi pihak berwenang, sistem tersebut dapat menjadi sistem monitoring yang digunakan untuk melacak kasus-kasus perburuan dan perdagangan satwa liar yang terjadi di masyarakat. Hal tersebut dapat memudahkan dalam pemetaan kasus-kasus sekaligus penanganan kasus tersebut. Dan bagi masyarakat, terutama generasi muda yang sudah sangat terbiasa dengan pemanfaatan teknologi informasi, sistem ini dapat digunakan sebagai sarana kampanye untuk penyelamatan satwa liar yang terancam punah sekaligus memudahkan masyarakat untuk melakukan pelaporan terkait kasus perdagangan satwa liar yang terjadi.

Terjemahan saya (my translation) :

Based on data from WCS, the value of illegal wildlife trade in the world is much more astonishing, ranging from US$ 10-20 billion per year. This value is the second largest after the transaction value of the drug business. Factors in information technology advances are also known to impact wildlife trade today. The Internet has become a new mode of trade in wildlife so that transactions between hunters and traders as well as consumers can become easier. The shift in transaction activity that usually occurs directly can now be done online. This makes wildlife trade has become more open and able to be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere, and also makes the scope of wildlife trade becomes more global at once.

On the other hand, the development of information technology can also be one of the solutions in the prevention and handling of illegal wildlife trade. This can be done by creating an integrated information system related to protection of wildlife and the handling of cases of illegal wildlife trade. The integrated information system consists of a database containing information about endangered animals protected by the state, the legal basis and regulations governing the protection of wildlife, as well as online reporting system to the actions of poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

The existing database on an integrated information system can be accessed by the general public so that it can be used as a center of public information services. By creating information systems that are informative and attractive, it can be a means for wildlife conservation campaign, raises awareness of all elements pertaining the preservation of wildlife, and able to increase the competency of authorities as well. The existence of The online reporting system on the integrated information system will facilitate community involvement in overseeing the actions related to the illegal wildlife trade crime. Based on this reporting system, then the authorities may carry out its duty to verify the reports of the community and take appropriate action quickly. The handling of cases of illegal wildlife trade can be done more efficiently by the presence of the system.

The integrated information system can be very helpful in preventing and addressing illegal wildlife trade. For the authorities, the system can be a monitoring system used to track cases of poaching and illegal wildlife trade happening in society. It can facilitate the mapping of cases once the case. For the people, especially the younger generation who are very familiar with the use of information technology, the system can be used as a means campaign to rescue endangered wildlife as well as facilitate the public’s reporting on cases related to illegal wildlife trade happens.